Saturday, 18 June 2016

Counting Sheep

I think sleep must be one of the biggest issues when you have a baby. How long does he sleep for, or how little depending on your point of view? Is he sleeping through? What even counts as sleeping through? What time does he go to bed? Are you still in the same room? How should he be sleeping at this age? What do you do to help him sleep? And it goes on and on. 

Baby Andrew was quite hard work in the early days. He only ever woke because he was hungry, but boy was he hungry often. You don't get to the 90th percentile without a good appetite. Thankfully we seem to be beyond the waking every 1.5 hours for feeding stage (touch wood!) but I can never take a decent night's sleep for granted, you never know if it's going to be your last in a while.

And even when baby is sleeping soundly, that doesn't mean mummy is. I can easily keep myself awake with my brain going into overdrive just as it should be shutting down. It's 2am and I'm thinking about what needs to get done tomorrow (well today now) or some random thing that happened last year or what I wish I'd said. All the while the whole family is soundly asleep and I'm missing out on precious zzz's! I suspect I'm not the only one. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I've never found counting sheep to be particularly helpful when I need to drift off, but it's a cute idea. And it was the inspiration behind my latest hand drawn baby sleep-suit. A girl can dream, right?

sheep sleep suit

sheep sleep suit

sheep sleep suit

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