Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Apparently foxes are cool. I've always liked fox designs, but looking at what's in the shops, it seems the world has finally come around to my way of thinking. Well for this season at least. It wouldn't matter if foxes were cool or not, it was only a matter of time before I got around to designing a hand drawn foxy onesie for Baby A.

Of course I added some swirls and stars since I think most things in life 
would be improved with added swirls and stars.

Lots of foxy friends with even more on the back. I don't think Baby A much cares just yet,
but looking at them makes me smile.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Get Fruity

Now Baby A is over ten months old, we are well into weaning. It's going pretty well so far. It turns out he is totally NOT an advocate of baby lead weaning, not when there is a mummy present who will spoon feed him with very little effort on his part. And despite putting anything and everything in his mouth when we are not at the dinner table, he seems oddly reluctant to do finger food himself. Strange! But if someone else puts the effort in to feed him, he will attack almost everything with gusto. We've tried fruit and veg, fish and meat, bread, porridge (so much porridge), yogurt, cheese and all sorts of things. So all in all I'm calling it good progress so far.

After porridge, I think Baby A's all time favourite foods are fruit. Fruity porridge is practically Nirvana for him. My latest onesie design is fruit themed inspired by Baby A's love of all things fruity.

fruit baby onesie

fruit onesie

I have a craving for pineapples now...

Friday, 4 November 2016

I know it's only November but...

I am old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas. I don't really want to hear mention of it until December, let alone see any decorations or hear any carols. It somehow makes it less special to me the longer it goes on for. So I apologise in advance for bringing up the C word in early November!

That being said, I've found if I want to do any seasonal crafty things, I have to get them done early. Not only do these things always take longer than you'd imagine, but if they're going to be posted around the world (and here's hoping they are!) you need to get your Christmas shopping done in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

So here are the latest festive offerings from Hand Drawn Baby Onesies:

Christmas holly onesie

Christmas onesie

A cute holly design with swirls and dots.

Christmas onesie

Christmas stocking onesie

Santa hats and green stockings.

I purposefully designed these so they could be for boys and girls.

I'm very happy with the designs, but annoyed with the photos. I took them in the afternoon and really I should have taken them in the morning. November light is just to weak here in the afternoon. Perhaps I should sort out my Christmas designs in July next year?