Saturday, 9 July 2016

Nursery Time

Most people I know had their baby's nursery decorated and sorted long before the baby arrived. Not so in this house! In my defence, we did a LOT of home renovations while I was pregnant with Andrew, but our house is such a project there were much more pressing needs, like my own bedroom and a room (any room!) to live in downstairs. I was up a ladder painting beams at 7 and a half months pregnant, so it's not as though we took it easy. And since we always planned on having the baby sleep in our room for at least the first 6 months, we weren't in any huge rush to complete his bedroom. We did the dining room when he was 2-3 months old as I wanted an easy floor to clean for when he starts weaning. Priorities!

So as it happens, we've only just gotten around to doing Andrew's bedroom. It isn't a terribly in-depth job - it just involves stripping back, plastering, painting, skirting boards and door trims and some carpet. That's pretty good by our standards (please see aforementioned beams). At least this room wasn't full of the dreaded artex (stucco) like so many others were. I'm pretty excited about decorating the baby's room as you can always have a bit more fun in a child's bedroom. We're sticking with a neutral wall colour, but I'm having fun picking out the little finishing touches like curtains and lampshades. We've gone with bright, light, yellow walls, and I'm thinking red for the little extras. Here are few ideas I found on Etsy which I hope to incorporate. Click on the picture to take you to the maker.

We're not spending loads of money buying new furniture, 
but I hope to spruce up some existing cabinets with new handles.

I'm quite liking the idea of red chevrons.

More chevrons! On the curtains this time!

I love the idea of a chalk board on the wall, although I'm not convinced it won't encourage him to draw all over the walls. I did that loads as a kid! Hopefully having a framed one will make it obvious where he is supposed to stop. Never helped my parents though. My childhood speciality was painting radiators. 

We'll need some pegs. I'll probably end up painting some wooden ones red, 
but if I had infinite budget, how beautiful would this be? 

And finally, some bunting, since I love a bit of bunting.

I've got plenty of ideas buzzing around my head now. 
It remains to be seen what I actually end up doing!

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