Friday, 15 July 2016

Baby Food

We're nearing the 6 month mark in baby Andrew's life so thinking a lot about food. But not the edible kind! You may know I have form when it comes to making pretend food if you've seen my miniatures post, but those are not at all suitable for young children. But a couple of months ago I was given a bag of felt, so the obvious thing to make was play food. I already had lots of different coloured thread and wadding in the house from my patchwork supplies, so off I went.

Here are the first few things I have made for Andrew. He's probably a bit young for them now, so I will save them for next Christmas onwards. So far we have a slice of bread, some cheese, lettuce leaves, tomato slices and a fried egg.

felt food

I hand sewed everything, primarily because I am too lazy to change the thread colour on my sewing machine just for a couple of lines! I am pleased with how neat most of it came out.

felt food

My favourite thing so far are these tomato slices. They were quite fiddly to cut out but I think they look pretty good. The photo doesn't show it well, but I used two different colours of felt so the inside contrasts a bit more.

felt tomato

Some of these I just made up as I went along (how hard can it be to make a slice of cheese?) but for some of them I followed online tutorials. There are hundreds out there, so I won't bother putting my own methods up. Here are a few good sites if you're interested in making your own felt food, just click on the name to go to their blogs.

Pieces by Polly I followed her slice of bread tutorial, great tip on how to stuff it!

Apartment Therapy Lots of different foods by type, from different sites. 

While Wearing Heels I plan on making her amazing looking corn on the cob soon!

felt food
Felt Corn on the Cob by While Wearing Heels

I fear this could very quickly become an obsession. I hope Andrew enjoys playing shopkeeper/chef.

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