Sunday, 3 July 2016

Better late than never...

I taught myself to knit while pregnant with Andrew, because I believed this to be a Thing That Must Be Done for some unknown reason. I am not a fast knitter, so it's a good thing pregnancy lasts 9 months. I was able to complete my first baby blanket a good few weeks before he was born. We've had a lot of use out of it. Well done me.

When my due date came and I was clearly not having a baby today, I decided, what the hell I'm going to start a new baby blanket. I got quite far into it in during the week or so I had to knit uninterrupted. And I reasoned, I can always carry on knitting it when the baby comes. WRONG. I did not knit when the baby arrived. Partly I was too knackered, but mostly, this blanket's pattern involved more than one kind of stitch (two stitches, it's madness I tell you!) and I find I need to be able to complete a row in one go or else it all goes terribly wrong. Counting up to 7 is difficult when you're being distracted. Baby Andrew clearly didn't get this memo, and rarely allowed me a quiet half hour stretch in which to knit a couple of rows (I said I was a slow knitter). So progress was slow. Very slow.

Nevertheless, there was progress. And here we are, 5 and a half months after Andrew's birth, with one new baby blanket.

I'm pleased with the textured pattern, even though now it's finished I can see a couple of obvious lines I messed up. It's only knit and purl stitches, but it's the most complicated thing I've attempted. 

The border is moss stitch, I managed not to mess that up!

I like that the textured pattern looks nice on the reverse too.

And even though it's rather late, we still get plenty of use out of blankets so it's not wasted. I'd better get started on my next knitting project if I've got any hope of finishing it by this time next year.

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