Saturday, 7 May 2016

Little Star

In baby news, my little lad slept through for the first time last week at 3 and a half months old and it was amazing! I don't for a second believe we've magically cracked it, and it would have been extra nice had Mummy managed to also sleep through, but it sure is an improvement on the waking every 2 hours to feed we were doing until not so long ago. 

I find it awkward to talk about my baby's developments and milestones among baby circles, since it either seems to descend into who has it worst or a my baby is a genius competition. It always seems as though one person hasn't slept a wink in 28 years, while another person's baby came out of the womb signalling in semaphore while whistling some Mozart. We're probably somewhere in the middle. Sometimes my baby sleeps well, and sometimes he doesn't. Either way, he's a little star. And with that in mind, here are some more little stars.

star onesie

I like this particular star themed onesie because it is so colourful. 
And I could use almost any range of colours I like on future ones.

star onesie

There's something really therapeutic about drawing lots of stars. I've already made a long sleeved version of this design for my son since I enjoyed it so much. If he keeps on sleeping like this, hopefully I'll manage a whole lot more.

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