Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

Do you do New Year Resolutions? I am 50/50 about them. I quite like to have a plan for the coming year, although I never go so far as to actually write it down on paper. It's more a New Year Aspiration than a Resolution. My hopes and aims for 2017 are:

I'd like to come up with some new baby onesie designs. Rainbow star was my favourite onesie design of 2016, hopefully I can come up with something just as cute.

Never mind lose weight and get fit and all that usual, non-specific stuff. My aim for 2017 is to do my food prep. I always eat better when I take a couple of hours each week to actually prepare a load of food in advance. And when I eat better, I feel better. I found this post over at Hungry Healthy Happy particularly inspiring, though I've never quite reached such awesome levels of organisation. I can but dream. Dannii also writes about eating well on a budget, which was just as useful.

Dannii's amazing, healthy food prep!

Resist the temptation to cut my hair until it reaches the magic length which means I can donate it to the Little Princess Trust. This charity makes and provides wigs free of charge to children who need them due to cancer treatments and other illnesses. I donated my hair a couple of years ago and think it's a really worthwhile cause that uses a resource that would otherwise just end up in the bin. I've had one hair trim in the past two years to help me get there, and I'm itching to get a major chop, but I will resist for at least another 6 months. I'm too chicken to have my hair less than shoulder length, so I need to crow it pretty long to accomplish a decent length of donation. 7 inches is the minimum requirement but the longer the better!

Slightly odd photo but here's what happened at my last big haircut.
I felt so bald afterwards, even though I still had shoulder length hair.

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