Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The nursery continues

We've pretty much finished the baby's room (he's only 8 months old, it's about time) but I add the odd thing here and there still. I've put a couple of handmade wall hangings up. I made these both a couple of years ago, before we even thought about having babies, just because I enjoy sewing patchwork. But we decided they would fit in well with the baby's room.

The first one is an 'artistic interpretation' of our house. 

I'm super pleased with the button flowers in the pots.

The second is a space themed hanging I made for my husband who loves all things science. I needed something to do with all our space mission patches, so here is an Apollo rocket about to lift off.

It hangs vertically, I've no idea why I can't get this to upload the right way!

The most famous patch on my hanging.

Now the boy has something interesting to look at instead of bare yellow walls.

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